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Am I the right fit for the job role?

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Very few people ever find a job which is a “perfect fit” for them and sometimes, finding a good fit is not easy… BUT, the closer you can come to finding work which is a good match for you and your skills, the better the chance you’ll be happy and successful in that job.


One way to check if a job is right for you is to MAP your work goal.


Shown below is an example of what a completed map might look like: The desired job is in the middle and around it are things which are important to this job seeker. Knowing these things will help the job seeker to decide:


  • which specific employers to target;

  • the kinds of questions to ask possible employers; and

  • how to tailor their résumé and other work search tools.


The clearer the job seeker is the more likely they will get to their desired job.

mIND mAP.jpg

The sample map abovee has lots of detail. You might not have quite so much, but the more you include the more useful the map will be to you. So… now think about your own situation. What do you really want from work at this point in your life?


Here are some questions which will help you create your own map.

1. Does the work you want provide you with the work benefits you need/desire?

2. Think about the job duties you like doing, does the job you have in mind allow you to spend most of your time doing this?

3. Will the job you are interested in allow you to work alongside the kind of colleagues you work best with?

4. Does the work allow me to be creative or closely supervised?

5. Will my job allow me to play to my strengths or learn new ones?

If it is easier to compare you can add the detail of the job you are applying for onto a mind map and compare with your ideal job.  Still not sure what the right role is for you? Then you may need to spend a little more time exploring this before starting your job search.


Try "My World of Work" online strengths tool, which will offer some work suggestions...My World of Work - Strengths

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