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Our Story

                                         Our mission is…


…to show that this industry can improve the customer journey. It can improve

the journey for job applicants. It can improve outcomes for employers. But it can only

do this if we create a buzz together and understand who’s in the hive.



Here at Recruitment Bee, we spend all day, every day, talking to people about the kind

of job they would love to do.  After all no-one wants to hire robots (well not yet anyway!)


We do this to help employers hire people with not just all the skills to do the job, but

someone who loves what you do, and will fly that flag for your business too.


Whether you want a retained Recruitment partnership, creation of your job and person

specifications with an easy-to-follow hiring plan, or full end to end attraction campaign with

shortlisted candidates ready for interview, we can take the sting out of the process.


We might be small, but to us, size is not important.  We have stepped in to help employers,

from those exciting new businesses taking on staff for the very first time,

through to supporting the hiring needs of some of our big, respected brands.


We believe, in honesty and if we can’t help, we will help you find you someone who can. 

And if we can help, we would love you to welcome us as part of the team, and we will work together

to create a recruitment plan that works!


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