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Recruitment Services

From building attraction plans, shortlisting, interviewing to selection and onboarding. 

Services tailored to meet your needs.  

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, we don't supply temporary staff (temps) as we believe in long term, more cost effective solutions.  Instead we charge a either negotiated hourly rate, day rates or fixed fees for Resourcing, Shortlisting, Pre-screen interviews and Vetting candidates. Our clients save upwards of 30-50% on fees with this method compared to traditional recruiting firms. We work for you and provide weekly updates on our progress and provide you with any market research information we gather as part of our process.

1 - Human Resource Planning

To be successful, an organisation should strategically forecast their future staffing needs against their business plan.  From this, you can produce an accurate Human Resource Plan.  To support you, we can;

  • Offer advice about market factors which may influence your hiring needs.

  • Discuss skills shortages

  • Support with budget planning, advising on salary benchmarking, benefits etc.

2 - Job Analysis

Once you have decided on the numbers of staff and job roles required to achieve your Human Resource Plan, we work on the Job Analysis.  

  • Defining the need process, we will analyse the job, job description and person specification with you.

  • Offer specific advice about duties, tasks, responsibilities and salaries.

  • Advise you about job and person specification or support you to create one.

3 - Attracting Candidates

This stage can be extremely cost, time and resource intensive, as it needs throurough planning, implementation and measurement to attract not only the skills and expertise needed, but the right "fit" for your business.

  • We will compile your recruitment plan, deciding what media/platforms will maximise impact.

  • Recruitment Bee Jobboard Advertising package is included, creating your advert, promoting through our personal networks, social and digital media channels.

  • Protect and promote your brand.


5 - Assessing Candidates

We will validate and quantify the information gathered so far from the applications.  Measuring the candidates; ability against the demands of the job and ensure they fit your person specification.

  • Assessment process is tailored to your organisation's needs.

  • Variety of assessment methods used including; Interviews (video, online and telephone), role plays, work based or skills tests, problem solving exercises.

  • Psychometric testing can also be offered for addtional cost.


6 - The Selection Decision

We will have arranged your shortlisted candidates for interview, who have been shortlisted decisions based on evidence, for fair, open and transparent recruitment practice.  Once you have selected we will; 

  • Undertake any salary negotiations on your behalf.

  • Communicate start dates

  • Manage all rejections in a positive manner which protects and enhances your brand.

  • Provide recrutiment feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

4 - Pre-Selection

One of the most important stages of your recruitment process to ensure you select the best candidates for your role - shortlisting who should be invited for interview and further assessements.

  • At Recruitment Bee we will shortlist, working through every application and guarantee everyone feedback, on request.

  • Undertake initial pre-screening and background checks.

  • Check candidates right to work in UK.

  • Providing shortlisted applicants which comply with best pratice and safeguards against claims of unfair recruitment practice.



Telephone: 01309 672411      Mobile: 07850 461297

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We look forward to hearing about your business, over a coffee!

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