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Facing a redundancy situation?

Today’s businesses not only need to ensure they have positive, inclusive recruitment strategies, to ensure they attract good people. But sadly, in our current economic climate, some businesses are also having to make tough decisions, including redundancy.

Supporting those facing redundancy is essential to protect your business' brand, and perhaps avoiding any legal claims. In order to support those businesses, not only hiring staff, but those who are facing redundancy too, Lorraine Westley, owner of Recruitment Bee has launched her Outplacement Support services which supports those facing redundancy, with both practical and emotional support through a range of tailored services to suit all business sizes.

Outplacement services provides the transition support that is needed to help employees move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible. At a time of personal uncertainty, the provision of such support can make a tremendous difference to an individual’s job search success


How does the individual benefit from outplacement services?

  • Confidence building at a vulnerable time

  • Greater clarity and focus about their next role

  • More time-efficient job search campaign

  • Improved success-rate in being shortlisted for target roles.

  • Enhanced interview skills to win the job offer


How does the organisation benefit from providing outplacement?

  • Providing genuine help to those who are about to face the most volatile job market for decades

  • Reduced conflict and fewer legal disputes as individuals feel supported in their transition

  • Freeing up HR and line management time and energy

  • Maintaining the morale of the redundancy “survivors” who see their exiting colleagues well-treated

If you are an employer, wanting to give your staff the best chance of success after redundancy, click link below for more information on our website...

or why not Lorraine directly on (m) 07850 461297 (e)


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