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The Untapped Value of an In-House Marketing Director for SMEs

For most small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs), marketing isn’t a foreign concept. However, due to budget constraints or a lack of understanding about its benefits, they often sidestep hiring an experienced Marketing Director. Instead, these essential marketing duties might fall upon the Founder, Managing Director, or Sales Manager. But, is this makeshift arrangement truly beneficial for your business?

The Critical Role of a Marketing Director

A Marketing Director's primary role is not just to get your brand noticed, but to elevate it, making it preferable over competitors. This professional bridges the gap between your business vision and the marketing strategies, creating campaigns that are innovative, strategic, and yield results.

While many companies assume that this role can be easily filled by junior marketers, such as marketing managers or executives, or even outsourcing to marketing agencies, but it's a misconception that can cost them. Here’s why:

1. Depth of Experience: Marketing Directors possess a rich tapestry of past successes and learnings from failures. This experience is invaluable when sculpting a successful marketing strategy that provides:

- Better chances of campaign success

- Efficient utilisation of the most suitable marketing tools and techniques for maximum ROI

- Clear direction for the business and sales team

2. Undivided Attention: Management from other departments, such as sales or operations, may lack the in-depth knowledge or time required to guide marketing initiatives effectively. Their priorities might differ, and they might not have the breadth of understanding needed to deploy the vast array of tools in a marketer's arsenal.

3. Strategic Vision: While non-marketing leaders might be excellent at managing immediate needs, a Marketing Director has the foresight to prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Every business, regardless of size, benefits from a seasoned marketing professional. Whether titled as Marketing Director, VP of Marketing, or Head of Marketing, this role should ideally be occupied by someone with significant experience. Their expertise would cover:

- Crafting a robust marketing strategy

- Strategically positioning your brand

- Launching products effectively

- Orchestrating successful multi-channel campaigns

- Constructing a modern marketing team and network of skilled professionals

- Utilising content strategically

- Representing your brand superiorly against competitors

- Defining target personas and buyer journeys

And much more!

Why outsourcing can cost you more money

Let's take an example of the average salary for a Marketing Director as shown on Glassdoor*

In-House Marketing Director

Salary: £55,000 (annually)

Benefits and Overheads: Generally, benefits and other employment-related costs can be anywhere from 20-30% (sometimes more) of an employee's salary. For simplicity, let's use 25%.

Benefits and Overheads = 25% of £55,000 = £13,750

Total Annual Cost: £55,000 + £13,750 = £68,750

Outsourced Marketing Director

For the outsourced position, we'll calculate both the lower end (day rate of £300) and the higher end (day rate of £500):

Assuming they work 5 days a week, for 48 weeks (allowing 4 weeks off):

At £300/day: £300 x 5 days x 48 weeks = £72,000 annually

At £500/day: £500 x 5 days x 48 weeks = £120,000 annually


An in-house Marketing Director would cost approximately £68,750 annually, including benefits and overheads.

An outsourced Marketing Director, working full time, could cost between £72,000 and £120,000 annually, depending on their day rate.

Now who doesn't want to save money in their business just now?

The Investment and Potential Solution

A full-time Marketing Director undoubtedly commands a considerable salary, with added expenses for recruitment, bonuses, benefits, and more. This could amount to a hefty annual expense, making it seemingly inaccessible for many SMEs.

However, the solution doesn't necessarily lie in neglecting the position altogether. One feasible alternative is hiring a Marketing Director part-time, and potentially on a contract basis. This allows businesses to tap into their expertise without the full-time financial commitment. Such an arrangement offers flexibility and can be scaled as the business grows.

Recruitment Bee has top-tier Marketing Directors available to start on a flexible, part-time or contract basis, with a wealth of expertise across the Food, Drink and Hospitality sectors providing SMEs with a unique opportunity to harness their expertise without breaking the bank. If this sounds like the solution you've been searching for, we're here to help.

Whether you choose to integrate a full-time or part-time Marketing Director, remember: the value they bring can significantly outweigh the cost, propelling your business to new heights.

Why not reach out to us today for an informal discussion and take your business to the next level...

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