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COVID 19 - 1 year on....

Tuesday 23rd March 21 @ 12noon - a time to reflect and remember..

Today I am joining many people across the country, in a one minute silence to reflect and remember those who have lost family, friends and businesses since the pandemic struck. One year on, and I have taken some time out to reflect on those pivotal moments, which have shaped me and my business....

23rd March 20

First lockdown - 100% of Recruitment Bee business ceased trading, with all booking cancelled in one day as companies reacted and many started making redundancies and put recruitment freezes in place.

March - June 20

No work - 3 months of lockdown life, cooking, gardening, zoom quizzing, sunshine and beach walks- this lockdown life is not so bad!! Feeling optimistic - this will be over in June - right?

June 20

Then reality hits, business is not returning to normal, furlough scheme - who has heard of this word!! Unable to attend some of my family funerals and wakes, 2 weddings posponed, booked, posponed and booked again, fear of husband's redundancy threatens family income, panic need to get a job!!

July - September 20

Summer sees some kind of new normal life - new work come in, supporting those who are struggling to find work, supporting rollout of Kickstart scheme across Scotland in 22 local authority areas, family holidays return, enjoying local UK holidays on Isle of Skye and Yorkshire.

2nd Wave!!

Recruitment and hiring needs patchy, busineses trying to stay open, some can't, realise I need to pivot the business, employability support, redundancy support, jobboard advertising - so many ideas need to get new website, ecommerce? No grant funding for Recruitment Bee - needing to make decisions on whether to cease trading and be an employee instead - Missing seeing family, friends, hugging!! Facing lockdown again!!

3rd lockdown

Vacine rollout - seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. So many zoom calls, will we ever see people in person again?

March / April 21

Recruitment Bee business activity increasing, businesses planning their hiring needs again...supporting many small busineesses keep up to date with Recruitment Incentive grants, supporting writing Job Descriptions, Job Adverts, Recruitment Plans, Shortlisting, pay as you go fees to meet business needs.

First small business grant received from Moray Council - £2K and Digital boost funding for new website We are moving in the right direction, slowly but steadily moving forward and optimistic our jobs market will return. I am also also looking forward to local trips/events across Scotland with the family again and giving my mum a hug.

I know getting through the rollercoaster of the last 12 months in both professionally and personally has definately made me dig deep, but so proud of overcoming all the challenges and me and my business are still here stronger, than before and feeling positive.

If you would like a coffee and a chat, share your story, ask for guidance on your hiring needs or employer recruitment grants, give me a call on 07580 461297 or drop me an email at



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