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What makes a great employee in a small business?

We have all heard that your business is only as good as the people that work in them, which is true, but for small businesses in particular, finding great staff is not always easy. You need people that can step up to the challenges facing your business but who are also prepared to muck in - it's all about positive attitude…

Positive attitude – is what landed me my first job after leaving my military career!! After serving 9 years with the Royal Air Force working in Personnel Services, I left with no idea what career path I wanted to take. So I signed up with a local Employment Business as a PA, available for temporary work across Oxfordshire. They sent me to work in a small PR firm, in an idyllic, Cotswold stone country house with fantastic views across the rolling countryside, I felt so privileged for the opportunity. I arrived with a handwritten note on my desk with a list of tasks; arrange flights, book hotel, take enquiries, book appointments etc however what struck me when I first arrived was how untidy and unclean the offices looked and thought no way would I be happy to book a 8am appointment in for the Director when her offices looked dirty!

So after managing the diary, travel bookings etc I set to deep clean, including the toilets which had not seen some bleach in some time!! No, this wasn’t in my job description for my assignment, but it was helping make a difference and this difference received glowing feedback from the PR Director to the Managing Director of the Employment Business I worked for, which landed me my first job in Recruitment. With no prior experience, she took me under her wing and provided me with the coaching and mentoring support I needed to build my commercial acumen (I knew nothing about business at the time!!) and of course how to recruit, and I thank her for setting me on the path which has allowed me to help so many businesses, find the right fit for their teams.

When recruiting a new employee, for the organisations I help to find new staff, my ethos is simple, hire on personality, cultural fit and train on skills. Working in a small business can be one of the most challenging work environments you can experience but also the most rewarding. When you hire the right fit for your business, your new starter will reap the rewards quicker than working in any large corporate organisation, tenfold. But recruiting the wrong fit, and the consequences for you, your new starter and your business can be costly, not just in monetary terms but damaging your reputation and impacting on your customer's service delivery.

But what makes a brilliant small business employee?

The perfect small business employee…

  • rolls up their sleeves - happy to pitch in, regardless of their job description

  • embraces new opportunities and jumps at the chance to take on more responsibility

  • is passionate as you are about your business as the owner and enjoys working in an entrepreneurial environment

  • works well as part of a close-knit team

  • is creative, always coming up with new ideas or better ways to do things

For over 20 years I have been spotting talented individuals matching people to the right teams from among my network of contacts, recruiting the those with the right attitude which allows me to find new employees that will really fit in and add value to your business.

Corporate recruitment service offerings - are beyond the budget of most small firms, which is why as an Independent Recruitment Agency I can provide a local service, tailored to meet the needs of small business owners, ensuring my recruitment services are accessible for my local community with fixed fees and no hidden costs.

If you would like a coffee and a chat to see how I can help you with recruit your perfect team fit, give me a call on 07580 461297 or drop me an email at



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